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About Riyara

RIYARA™ is one of the leading cement and allied building material procurement and distributing companies in Tamilnadu. RIYARA™ was established and registered in the year 2014 with Chennai as its headquarters. Over the past four years, RIYARA™ has acquired strong and healthy market trust by collaborating with prestigious companies. We are driven by a simple principle: Earn Trust with Business.

RIYARA’s portfolio of clientele comprises all major industries, contractors, concrete manufacturers and other sub-dealers in Tamilnadu. What’s more, RIYARA™ is the authorized agent and distributor for all major cement manufacturers in Tamilnadu. RIYARA’s major value proposition is that they are the only supplier of various grades of cement such as OPC43, OPC 53, PPC, or SLAG CEMENT. RIYARA guarantees uninterrupted supply by procuring material from all South Indian states such as Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

A unique approach that RIYARA™ pridesitself in is the fact that the company has taken customer service to a whole new level. It has crafted a groundbreaking logistics methodology whereby it has not only allowed the company to acquire its own fleet of cement bulker trucks numbering a whopping 20, but also partner with large logistics operatorsto ensure prompt delivery via partners’ cement bulker trucks. This initiative helps greatly strengthen the supply chain. RIYARA™ deals and distributes only the finest quality cement brands in the market that has given them a special position with their clients and in the trading market in Tamilnadu.